#Syria|Clashes between the Revolutionists and Assad’s forces in Damascus Suburbs and Aleppo, and Intensive Airstrikes on Several Locations

Field Report – LCC

Fierce clashes took place today between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces in the western fronts of Aleppo city, and in the fronts of Khan Shih Camp and Rihan in Damascus Suburbs. The clashes ended up in killing and injuring members among Assad’s forces. The warplanes and helicopters launched intensive attacks on several locations in Syria, leaving martyrs and wounded among civilians.

LCC correspondent in Aleppo said that 15 memebrs among Assad’s forces were killed and others wounded upon trying to move forward to Assad Suburb in West Aleppo. The revolutionists thwarted them, along with their loyal militant groups, upon trying to move forward as well to the fronts of Manian village, where fierce clashes broke out amid intensive airstrikes and fierce shelling on the region.
He added that the Russian warplanes carried out cluster bomb attacks on the villages of Burj Hussein, Thaher, and Smeria in the southern countryside. Similar attacks, in addition to parachute missiles, targeted the towns of Kafar Dael and Mansoura in the western countryside, the that killed two persons and injured others. A child passed away and 4 members of her family were injured as their car set on fire due to cluster bomb attack on Kafar Dael.

LCC correspondent in Damascus Suburbs said that fierce clashes between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces broke out in the axis of Deirkhabia farmlands and Bwedia in Khan Shih, in Western Ghouta. Meantime, artillery and missile shelling targeted the regions. However, the revolutionists destroyed a BMB vehicle for Assad’s forces as they were trying to move forward to Rihan town in Eastern Ghouta, along with sporadic clashes in the front of Damascus – Homs highway.
He added that a child martyr and other wounded were reported as Russian warplanes bombarded Aftaris town in Marj region, in Eastern Ghouta. Similar attacks targeted Ain Tarma town, leaving wounded among civilians. Moreover, the warplanes bombarded the towns of Nashabia, Autaya, and Hosh Salhiya, in addition to the farmlands of Saqba town. He pointed out that Assad’s helicopters dropped 10 barrel bombs on Qusur farmlands, and the vicinity of Khan Shih Camp in Western Ghouta.

In Idlib, a woman passed away and others wounded as Assad’s warplanes carried out thermobaric missile attack on Maarat Hirma village in the southern countryside. Another woman passed away as a robot plane bombarded Jamilia Camp for displaced people north of Jisr Shughur city in the western countryside.
Assad’s warplanes bombarded also the outskirts of Jisr Shughur city and Khazanat region, in addition to the outskirts of Maarshorin town and Jbala in the southern countryside. Five wounded among civilians were reported in similar airstrikes on Saraqeb city in the eastern countryside. Wounded among civilians were reported as well when two IEDs exploded in the outskirts of Department of Agriculture in Idlib city.

In Hama, Assad’s warplanes bombarded Tibat Imam city, Latamnah town, and Zakat village in the northern countryside. Moreover, Assad’s forces targeted Lahaia town in the northern countryside and Qarqour village in the western countryside with heavy artillery.

In Latakia, Assad’s forces targeted Intensively with heavy artillery the revolutionists’ axes in Kurds Mountain. Meanwhile, scout planes were flying over the region, according to LCC correspondent in Latakia.

In Deir Ezzour, so-called “Syria Democratic Forces” (SDF), with the help of the International Coalition warplanes, captured some vehicles loaded with arms and ammunition after fierce clashes with Daesh in Malha village in the northwestern countryside. A warplane bombarded the vicinity of Deir Ezzour Military Airbase.

In Daraa, Assad’s warplanes launched new airstrikes today on the Syria – Jordan crossing border (Nasib) after targeting it yesterday and committing a massacre which claimed the lives of 8 martyrs and other wounded.

Source: LCCSy