#Syria|Aleppo Battle|Phase 2 – update

JAF foiled Assad’s militias attack on Menyan, killing dozens of them.


JAF killed dozens of Assad’s militias attempting to progress toward Menyan front, with tank shells


Assad’s militias failed to capture Dahiyat alAssad despithe the intense backing of RU AF power and artillery shelling on rebels who killed no less than 35 of them. These important losses forced the regime and its allies to withdraw to their rear lines

Rebels targeted Assad’s militias (Halesh and Nujaba) on alMahabba hilltop, killing and injuing a number of them.

RU AF attacks on Atareb and Daret Ezzat with cluster and incendiary bombs, Salum, Mansura, Urem alKobra, Hawr, Ainjara, Kafr Naha, Bshantra, alMuhandisin.

Ongoing hit and run battles between rebels in Menyan and Dahiyat alAssad amid an intensive and powerful shelling on the area.