#Syria|Aleppo Battle flash update on Menyan and Dahiyat

Captain Abdel Salam Abdel Razeq, Zanki spox,  in an interview to Baladi News, that he tweeted minutes ago, said the rebels have regained the full control of Menyan after recapturing the positions they lost earlier to the regime in Menyan.

The details of the battle show that fierce fight between rebels and Assad’s militias backed by the AF have been taking place, and more than 35 militias have been killed in addition to spoils have been captured.

Captain Abdel Salam abdel Razeq said that the regime did not stop shelling Menyan since it has been liberated, amid daily attempt to recapture it with the support of the continuous attacks by the RU AF. He added that today and since this morning, after the regime destroyed the area, its militias was able to progress toward several points in Menyan, that lead Zanki and the other rebel factions to carry out a swift and powerful counter attack that allowed them to recapture all the positions and force the Assad’s militias to withdraw. The situation has returned to its previous stand.  He also confirmed that dozens of the Assad’s forces and Iraqis militias alNujaba have been killed during this battle.

The continuous regime attacks on the village is linked to its geographical and strategic situation.

He said that the village is the entrance to the western Aleppo countryside and the Aleppo gate from the Damascus int’l road, and it is close to the Military academy on one side and New Aleppo on the other side which both are Halesh and regime stronghold.

The regime failed to progress toward southern Dahiyat alAssad and the military academy after rebels foiled those attacks inflicting them score of losses.

Yasser alYussef member of Zanki Political Bureau confirmed those reports to Halab evening Newscast;

Yasser alYussef member .f Zanki Political Bureau described to Halab News in its evening Newscast, the regime intense shelling on  Dahyat alAssad and Menyan, which allows the regime to progress to one point in the NE of Dahyat alAssad and get closer to Menyan. But this attempt was foiled swiftly by the rebels who inflicted the regime score of losses in lives and materia.


Concerning the battle to break the siege of Aleppo, he said that rebels are bound to break the siege in the absence of any political solution. In addition, the political situation is temporary and complicated.Death is looming over 300 000 individuals. So we have no other choice but to break the siege with the next days.

About the rebels withdrawal from some areas , he said that the battle to break the siege of Aleppo has not yet began despite Russia is applying the same strategy of the scorch earth as in both Grozny and Afghanistan.

The battle to break the siege has not yet began.

AlYaqeen news report ongoing hit and run battles are taking place in those areas , and denies claim that regime has taken over Dahiyat alAssad.

N.B. Please note that news change very quickly.