#Syria|The FSA Advances Towards al-Bab City… And Martyrs Reported in Airstrikes on Damascus Suburbs and Daraa

The FSA Advances Towards al-Bab City… And Martyrs Reported in Airstrikes on Damascus Suburbs and Daraa

Field Report – LCC

The FSA continued to advance towards al-Bab city in the eastern suburbs of Aleppo liberating two villages after fierce clashes with Daesh as part of the Euphrates Shield Battle while Assad’s and Russia’s warplanes launched intensified airstrikes on Damascus Suburbs, Idlib and Daraa leaving casualties among civilians.
LCC correspondent in Aleppo reported that the FSA could control Shadar and Shouwaiha villages north of al-Bab city in the eastern suburbs and blow up a car bomb of Daesh at the surroundings of the first village following fierce clashes against them in the course of the Euphrates Shield Battle. They detonated another one at the surroundings of Shouwaiha village north of al-Bab city as well.
In Idlib, Assad’s warplanes launched airstrikes with thermobaric missiles on Sheikh Mustafa village and Arinba village in Shahshabo Mountain, the surroundings of Marrat Herma town and Abidim village in the southern suburbs.
Moreover, Assad’s helicopters dropped explosive cylinders on Tal Aas village in the southern suburbs.
In Latakia, Russian warplanes launched airstrikes on Tardin axes in the Kurds Mountain while Assad’s ground forces target the borderlines with Turkey and the road of the Tenth Brigade in Turkmen Mountain with rocket launchers.
LCC correspondent in Damascus Suburbs said that the Russian warplanes, targeting the neighborhoods in Douma city with more than 10 airstrikes using thermobaric missiles, committed a massacre that claimed the lives of 8 civilians and injured dozens.
Furthermore, two women and a girl were martyred and other civilians were injured due to Russian airstrikes on Saqba city. Harasta city was similarly targeted, which left many civilians injured. Other airstrikes were launched on Arbin and Zamalka cities. Civilians were wounded due to Assad’s forces shelling on Hammouria town in the Eastern Ghouta using artillery shells.
He added that the revolutionists thwarted an attempt by Assad’s forces to storm Jobar neighborhood east of Damascus after the latter blew up a building at Crash front north of it. He pointed out that the revolutionists could as well shot down a scout plane of Assad’s forces over the neighborhood and the latter targeted it with mortar shells.
In the Western Ghouta, Assad’s helicopters dropped 16 barrel bombs on the farms surrounding #Khan Shieh Camp while Assad’s forces targeted the area with dozens of surface-to-surface missiles killing a girl and injuring other people.
On the other hand, Assad’s helicopters accidentally dropped 2 barrel bombs on a location of Assad’s ground forces and pro-Assad militias at the surroundings of Khan Sheih Camp, which led to casualties among them.
Many shepherds were wounded due to Assad’s forces the mountains in Barhilia and Kafr Awamid village in Wadi Barada area using heavy machine guns.
In Hama, Assad’s helicopters dropped naval mines on Kafr Zita city in the northern suburbs.
In Daraa to the south, Assad’s warplanes committed a massacre killing 10 internally displaced from Homs, most of them were children and women from one family, as they targeted the area surrounding Naseeb Crossing on the Jordanian border

Source: LCCSy