#Syria|Idlib rif|Aftermath of an airstrike: “A woman was alive despite she was covered by sand and rubbles of 2 houses”

I saved Duraid Haj Hamod’s comments to post them on the blog. He wrote them some 19 hours ago on his FB page. Duraid   lives in Idlib rif – Jisr al Shughur area. He also described the aftermath of the air strike on the village of Meshemshan.

He wrote the followings in arabic and I attempted to stick as much as I can to his texts:


The village of al Janudiya was shelled with rockets and missiles and not as mentioned by the observatories, attacked by air strikes. However, AC were flying over the town of Jisr alShughur and targeted the town, but not the village.

The shelling of alJanudiya resulted in 1 killed and 3 injured. No casualties are reported in the town of Jisr alShughur.

The village of Meshemshan

We woke up as usual at the sound of AC over Meshemshan and we thought there was no casualties.

… The White Helmets went over there and started their operation to rescue the injured and pull out the bodies from under the rubbles… when I arrived there… everything seems destroyed and the smell of blood melted with the gun powder was all over the village…Houses destroyed and house furnitures scattered. The rescuers pulled out a woman from under the rubbles after more than one hour. Everybody was surprised she was still alive because she was covered totally with the sand and  the rubbles of two houses…Body parts here and there .. and children’s eyes looking at the sky and their ears listening to the engine sounds  fearing for their future  to be snatched away from them… While I was looking at the scene, I could not capture any pictures and I was betrayed by my camera this time.

Picture taken from his FB page


List of 7 civilians killed as the result of air attacks with Thermobaric bombs on Meshemshan :

  1. 1. Ayat Mahal – 15-year-old.
  2. 2. Zuhur Khayru – 20-year-old.
  3. 3. Naghm Muhammad Qarah – 8-year-old.
  4. 4. Layla alHamid-40-year-old.
  5. 5. Iskandar Wahid Kuju – 10-year-old.
  6. 6. Khadija Muhammad Jumu’a Annush- 15-year-old.
  7. 7. Jumu’a Taher Annush – 60-year-old.