#Syria|Damascus rif|Rebels progress toward Khan Shieh

On Thursday evening, fierce fights took place between the rebels and Assad’s militias at the axis in Khan Shieh – West alGhota in Damascus rif. Media activists say that the rebels launched an attack against the militias positions at alBuweida axis where after intense clashes with the militias, rebels took over several groups of buildings. The mentioned that one rebel blasted a car bomb inside the militias positions, which resulted in killing and injuring several of them.  Along that battle, rebels launched an attack against the Assad’s militias at Deir Khabiya , alMaqrusa, Hadar alAbbasa, Deir alJin in an attempt to ease the pressure on Khan Shieh front. Regime helicopters dropped dozens of TNT barrels containing napalm, resulting in killing one child and injuring another one. The regime also carried out air strikes and artillery shelling.

Reminder: Khan Shieh has been besieged for 43 days by the regime who is shelling and bomobing the camp with all kind of arms.

Rebels launched yesterday in Daraa rif,  a battle to open the road between West alGhota and Quneitara, and ease the pressure on the fronts in Khan Shieh and break the siege on Jabal Sheikh compound.