#Syria| Pro-Daesh sheikh from Raqqa in #KSA with the regime AF intelligence help

Raqqa Post received confirmed information that Sheikh AbdelKarim Su’an (alRakan)  Abu Mahmud entered Saudi Arabia from Damascus Int’l airport where the regime facilitated his departure.

Sheikh Rakan appointed himself Sheikh of the Sabkha Clan that is one of the largest clan in Raqqa, after his nephew Abdel Mohsen Anwar Sar’an (alRakan) from fled Raqqa because he sided  with the regime when the revolution began and he is wanted by the FSA with Sheikh Muhammad Ismail alBari and Sheikh Muhammad alFandi who also lives in KSA, in addition with other sheikhs.

Sheikh Abdel Karim paid allegiance to Daesh with other tribal sheikhs  in 2013 before Daesh took over Raqqa Province.  He became one of the most influential member of the tribal offices with other sheikhs when Daesh took over the province. Daesh benefited too from that relation because it brought others sheikh to pay allegiance, and helped  the organisation  to control  the province.

Abu Mahmud left Raqqa to Damascus after more than 3 years of working in one of the most important Daesh offices, where he stayed few days. Then with the collaboration of Major Jamil Hassan he left through Damascus int’l airport that is controlled by the AF intelligence, and where they have likely coordinated to carry out terrorist actions in KSA, a source told  Raqqa Post.

When Raqqa Post asked the source who refused to reveal his identity, how he could enter the KSA that  has stopped issuing visas to Syrians, the source replied “Abu Mahmud” and his children hold the Saudi nationality, so they can enter the country as Saudis.

While KSA fight terrorism by monitoring huge sum of moneys, the main source of terrorism is the syrian regime who uses Daesh and others as tools to carry out those operaitons.

Source: Raqqa Post in arabic