#Syria| October statistics via #VDC

First, Battle -Related Deaths

During this month VDC was able to document a total of 1359 deaths across different Syrian governorates, among them, 1233 were documented by full name and 126 are still registered as unknown.



Deaths by Gender


Sixth, Deaths by ISIS:

During this month, VDC was able to document the death of 190 people, 115 are civilians, and 75 from different armed groups.

Seventh, Children battle-related deaths :

VDC was able to document 215 children’s battle-related deaths; 151 by the Syrian and
Russian governments’ forces and the affiliated militias. 55 of them by the Russian Jetfighters.
Additionally, VDC documented 16 child’s battle-related deaths caused by the international coalition attacks, 17 by ISIS, 17 by different opposition armed groups, one by the Kurdish
forces and 13 cases the cause or the executioner was not undoubtedly identified.
Aerial attacks amounted for the most deaths during October 2016; 133 deaths. 11 by
firearms and snipers, and 44 by tanks, cannons, and mortars.


The attack started at 10 to eleven in the morning and lasted for 15 minutes. Ten carried-by- parachute missiles dropped from fixed wing Sukhoi in Eight aerial attacks on the village. The attack destroyed six houses, 3 schools, a health center, and a local bakery. Moreover, VDC was able to document 36 deaths. All civilians; 14 males, 6 females, and 16 children. and 40 injuries the majority are the school children and teachers.
VDC strongly condemns this bombing, and considers it to be in line with the other systematic and continuous hostile activities carried out by the Russian and Syrian governments against the civilians in besieged areas. Moreover, VDC confirms that attacking schools is a clear violation of the International Humanitarian Law, and considers this attack to be yet another addition to the series of violations carried out by the Russian and Syrian forces against civilians, infrastructure, humanitarian and relief workers. VDC calls again on the international community and the United Nations to stand up to their responsibilities in protecting civilians with all possible means.

Children’s Battle-related deaths/Year