Local Coordination Committees in #Syria documented the fall of 49 martyrs

By the end of Thursday, November 10, 2016, LCC has documented the fall of 49 martyrs, including 10 women, 7 children, and 2 under torture.
17 martyrs from #Damascus_and_its_Suburbs, most of them passed away in bombarding #Douma city in Eastern Ghouta.
10 from #Homs, most of them passed away in the airstrikes on Syria – Jordan crossing border (Nasib) in Daraa.
8 from #Aleppo passed away as Daesh-remnants landmines exploded in #Dabeq and during the clashes with Daesh in the northern countryside.
6 from #Idlib passed away during the clashes in several fronts in Aleppo.
6 from #Hama.
2 from #Deir_Ezzour.