Even in #Syria #dreams can come true

My sister Maha, the youngest in the family, is an English language teacher. Past the age of 30 she started losing hope in getting married. So, she decided to live happy and thus started dreaming about buying a car. Back then she could not afford it. By 2005 she had saved enough money. But, when friends and family told her that her salary would not be enough to cover the cost of fuel or repairs, and that the car would be a heavy financial burden, she took the advice and relinquished the idea of acquiring one. And by so doing she lost hope in realising her second dream.

In 2006 Maha got married to a wealthy and kind man. On their second day of marriage he bought her a car. She was over the moon and we were so delighted for her. We were so happy to see her realising both dreams.

That car summed up Maha’s personality. In the car you find a travel gear, a drum and a tape/CD recorder with a selection of music and songs including Julio [Iglesias], Sarya al-Sawas (pop singer associated with decadent art), Abdel Halim Hafiz and Majida al-Roumi. Thus, Maha was happy with her marriage, car and with her baby girl who was born in 2007.

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