Al-Fatah Fighters Secure the Families of Their Enemies in Assad Suburb in Aleppo

“It was a very confusing few moments. We were in battle and in direct confrontation when a family suddenly emerged from the buildings, fleeing from the horror of what was happening,” said Iyad  al-Mohammad, the leader of one of the fighter units operating in the western Assad Suburb in Aleppo city during the battle to gain control of the area on 28 October.

Al-Mohammad explained, “It was a battle within a battle. How could I fight the Assad forces and at the same time protect this family from danger? I remembered at the time the strict orders we had received to protect civilians, even at the expense of achieving our military objective. So I asked two members to provide cover on the street between us and the family and I signaled to the family to run in our direction. Despite this, they were targeted by the regime mercenaries, but thank God they arrived to where we were safe and sound.”

The family was placed in an evacuation car, prepared for such cases, which took them to a safe place far from the battle zone.

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