#Syria|Russian Warplanes Committe a Massacre in Idlib Countryside, and Fierce Clashes in Damascus Suburbs

Field Report – LCC

Russian and Assad’s warplanes launched intensive airstrikes today, Wednesday, on several locations in Syria, leaving martyrs and wounded among civilians. Fierce clashes took place between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces in Western Ghouta, in Damascus Suburbs.

LCC correspondent in Idlib said that the Russian warplanes committed a massacre claiming the lives of 7 civilians, most of them are children and women, and injuring others as they carried out thermobaric missile attack on civilians’ houses in Mashmashan village, in the western countryside.
He added that Assad’s warplanes carried out several thermobaric missile attacks on the vicinity of Maarat Noaman city in the southern countryside, the thing that led to one dead and some wounded. Similar attacks targeted Skeik town. Assad’s warplanes also carried out cluster bomb attack on the outskirts of Idlib city.
The correspondent said also that two children were wounded as unidentified spy planes carried out thermobaric missile attacks on the camp of Jamilia village in the northern countryside of Jisr Shughur.

LCC correspondent in Damascus Suburbs said that fierce clashes took place between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces around the brigades based on the road between Beit Jin town and Qunaitra city, and in the outskirts of Beit Jin town in Western Ghouta, as a part of a battle called “Khan Shih Uprising”. Meanwhile, fierce shelling from Regiment 137, with Fil missiles and artillery shells targeted the town.
Fierce clashes also took place between them in the axes of Khan Shih region, Bweida, and Drosha, amid fierce shelling with missile launchers and artillery shells targeting the axes. In return, the revolutionists shelled Assad’s forces locations, killing and injuring members among them as a result.
Meantime, Assad’s helicopters dropped 20 barrel bombs, some of them are loaded with Napalm, on the vicinity of Khan Shih Camp and the eastern farmlands of the region. They also dropped 4 barrel bombs on Beit Jin town.
He added that Assad’s warplanes bombarded Nashabia town, leaving wounded among civilians as a result. They also carried out remotely-directed missile attack on Meidaani town in Eastern Ghouta.
However, Assad’s forces, based in Assad-run neighborhood of Harna Sharqia in Tal city, arrested 50 young men for recruiting them in the battles.

In Aleppo, Russian and Assad’s warplanes carried out thermobaric missile attacks on Assad Suburb and Manian in West Aleppo. Moreover, Atareb city and Qubtan Jabal town in the western countryside were targeted with missile and cluster bomb aerial attacks.

The revolutionists targeted Jabla countryside with some Grad missiles.

In Hama, the revolutionists targeted with tank shells Assad’s forces and loyal militant groups in Al-Azraq Factory in Souran city, in the northern countryside.


Source: LCCSy