#Syria|Aleppo Battle|Observing and assessing the enemy strategy

Assad’s militias benefited of an important air campaign to progress and rely on rely on new tactics to hamper the rebels attack, absorb their attacks and empty them from their power.

Attacks on rebels 1st and 2nd defense lines.

Ten  RU AF carried out on Tuesday and Wednesday more than 250 attacks with thermobaric, bunker buster, and cluster bombs, targeting mostly the first and second of rebels’ defense  lines in al Hekme, Aqrab, Mansura, Dahiyat alAssad, Suq alJebs and alRashidin.  Regime helicopters dropped dozens of TNT barrels on Khan alAssal, Mansura, Rashidin, Suq alJebes, Menyan, Dahiyat alAssad and Kafr Naha, because they are the positions from where  the rebels launch their attacks.

These air attacks aim to drag rebels into a war of attrition through bombardments  on their center and supply lines.

Assad’s militias open several fronts in west Aleppo

Assad’s militias have moved to the battle to outside of Aleppo. Today their attacks focused on the opened areas at the outskirts of alHekme, Jebs Market, nearby alRashidin, backed by a powerful artillery fire and RU AF attacks.

Rebels failed to recapture the lost areas to the militias on Mu’ta , Rakhm and Rahbe hilltops, despite their intense poundings with Grads and mortars.

Assad’s militias were able to take over Mashru’ 1070, the Red buildings nearby alHekme and ongoing fights are taking place at many axis to the west of the Academies in Ramussa. Their aim is to control alHekme so that they hold the rebels areas in alJebs Market and Dahiyat under their fire range, and threaten other positions such as 4th and 5th alRashidin which are the rebel launching point attacks.

Assad’s militias failed to make any progress on Menyan and Dahiyat alAssad, as Zanki spox, Captain Abdel Razaq mentioned to al Modon. He also said that the fights are ongoing at AlHekme, and the militias is attempting to open new fronts at the south and in the north at Dahiyat alAssad, to strengthen and support the forces who attacks at the center west to the military schools. The militias are burning and destroying the targeted areas through heavy air and ground shelling with all kind of arms.

Understanding the Militias and RU tactics

Abdel Razaq downplayed the importance of the Russian support to the militias in the decisive battle of Aleppo :

“the Russians have not let the air space for days, their technicians and soldiers are already participating strongly to the battle, so the only thing that will change is more civilians killed and destructions if RU uses the ballistic missiles.” He expected RU to use new military weapons with the announcement of the start of the battle “Northern Storm” in order to expand the security belt around west Aleppo and strengthen the blockade imposed on the East of Aleppo and deprived the rebels of any new opportunity to break the siege to ultimately trap them inside the city and force them to surrender.”

The militias tactics  used during the rebels attacks on the north and the west of the New Aleppo and Mashru 3000, Jamiyat al Zahra and Artillery  Battalion, follow the principle of 3 defense lines :

  1. the first defense line  is less fortified and its task is to predict the attacks and receive the first shocks, because they are the first to be hit by the rebels’ unconventional weapons that prepare to storm.

  2. The 2 other lines task  in the rear is to launch the counter attack.  They are the positions where  RU special forces and IRG, Iraqi Nujaba, Halesh, have been stationed to launch the counter-attacks and bypass the stormers to ambush them before they entrench  inside their new fortified positions.

  3. Their attacks are accompanied with a deployment of armoured vehicles on strategic positions that give them a large vision of the rebels positions.


Excerpts from AlModon and listening to videos of interviews and comments of the battlefield on Orient News in arabic