#Syria|PKK broke an agreement with Liwa Thuwar Raqqa and began the rape of Raqqa

Liwa Thuwar Raqqa political bureau chief confirmed on Tuesday that they will not participate in the  Euphrates Wrath because PKK did not respect the terms agreed upon before the battle..

Mahmud alHadi told SMART news

” the Liwa has refused to participate to the battle “Euphrates Wrath” because the Kurdish Units did not respect their agreement, that is Liwa Thuwar Raqqa will conduct the battle and SDF/QASAD role will be limited to the logistic support only.”

He added :

“We agreed upon on everything before the start of the battle including the revolution flag will be the only one to be raised next to QASAD. Only the Liwa and the Raqqa organizations will run the administration and the security of  the city. But what happens on the ground was in total disrespect of the all the agreement terms”.

Al Hady pointed out : Liwa Thuwar Raqqa seeks to achieve Raqqa’s sons aspirations that are included  in the  Raqqa Council Statement:  “The fighters who will liberate Raqqa are only from Raqqa”. He stressed out that the battle will drag on and it is only at the first phase of the battle, “only Raqqa’s sons are able to liberate the city, and rid it from Daesh”.

He mentioned there is a dispute inside QASAD on the issue to exclude Liwa Thuwar Raqqa from the battle, and there is a pressure of the IC, specially the US, on the Kurdish Units commandment, confirming that the Liwa did not withdraw from the SDF/QASAD.

Concerning the Arab forces  within  QASAD, he said ” Liwa Thuwar Raqqa is the only Arab faction inside QASAD, and there are no tribal fighters and no Arab fighters, but independent groups inside the Kurdish Units”. He pointed out that a year ago there was a Tribal Army affiliated to the Liwa, but was disbanded as the result of the Kurdish Units practices.

Raqqa Council Chairman “Saad Fahad Shuwaish” said in a statement to SMART news on Monday, “they rejected the “Euphrates Wrath Battle” which was declared 2 days ago by the SDF/QASAD against Daesh in Raqqa,  because they feara long-term national war between the Arabs and Kurds and ethnic cleansing by the latters.

Sources : Raqqa Post and SMART News in arabic