#Syria|Euphrates Shield 3|77th day update

Turkish-backed ground forces and coalition airstrikes have killed 12 Daesh terrorists in northern Syria, the military said Tuesday.

In a statement, the General Staff said Turkey hit 57 Daesh and one PKK/PYD target on Monday, including defensive positions and mortars, as part of Operation Euphrates Shield in northern Syria.

The military added seven Syrian opposition fighters were wounded during Monday’s clashes.

FSA freed Terhin in the north of alBab from Daesh.


FSA destroyed a Daesh vehicled in the village of Na’man at the north of alBab, during fight with Daesh. (confirmed)


FSA freed the village of Sawsanbat at the north of alBab from Daesh. (confirmed)


FSA freed the village of Na’man from Daesh


The town of al Bab: Daesh has declared the full mobilization in all the recruitment centers and hqs and there is a state of confusion inside the town. 100 of Daesh fighters have been seen on the road of Marea with RPG and PKC and kalas. Masked men are posted in towns and at the main junction.

FSA freed the villages of Baltajak, Arab Jawdak, Baziji at the north of alBab.