#Syria|Aleppo Battle|Short brief

This brief concerns Mashru’ 1070 and Menyan 

Fierce fights took place between rebels and Assad’s militias along with an intense RU aerial attacks on Mashru’ 1070 and at the outskirts of Menyan in Aleppo west. Assad’s militias were able to progress inside Mashru’ 1070 and take over few buildings inside the neighborhoods. Rebels are still controlling several points inside the neighborhood, and ongoing fights between both are reported.

AMC reporter denied claims that the militias progressed in Menyan front where rebels foiled the attempt and inflicted them important casualties and losses in gears.

Ahrar Military spox Abu Yousuf alMuhajer told AMC :

we are still controlling several points in Mashru’ 1070 and Assad’s militias were able to control few buildings inside the neighborhood because of the intense shelling. At Menyan, they did not make any progress and suffered of important losses. He added that the battle did not stop in Aleppo and its outskirts, and the next battle will be powerful with many surprises.

He denied that JAF withdrew from the confrontation lines with the militias. He confirmed JAF  readiness to wage a battle after another until it achieves the goals that has been stated:  break the siege and liberate the town of Aleppo.

Activists say that Mashru 1070 looks like more 17 flats than 1070 as the result of no less than 200 air attacks on the neighborhood, and rebels control more than the 1/2 of it with points inside

Daily clashes are taken place in west Aleppo and its southern countryside, as Assad’s militias try to recapture the recent lost areas and rebels are working to progress to open the road to both Aleppo south and west countryside, and break the siege.