#Syria|Aleppo Battle|Phase 2 update

FATH Aleppo recaptured all the positions taken by the militias in Uweija in the north of Aleppo. During that fight, the OR fighters in associations with others also took over Majbal alEnzarat and its neighboring hilltops, and some group of buildings at the outskirts of alJandul runabout. Assad’s militias withdrew and the number of  reported losses are important. During this fight, Assad’s militias have been  backed by air attacks that targeted the area and alBa’idin neighborhoods with thermobaric missiles, which resulted in injuring  civilians.


1 IRGC reported killed not mentionned where exactly.

This morning, Assad’s militias launched a fierce attack on Mu’ta hilltop but failed to capture it.

Intense air attacks and fierce clashes between the milittias and rebels in Mashru’ 1070.

Air attacks on alRashidin and alHekma and Khan Tuman.

Rebels have launched a counter attack to recapture the parts taken over by Assad’s militias earlier in Mashru’ 1070

Short brief on Mashru’ 1070 and Menyan

Fierce clashes in Menyan.

Fath Aleppo targets Assad’s militias in Mashru’ 1070 with artillery shells.


Rebels withdrew to the outskirts of Mashru 1070 because of the intense shelling.


N.B. final update at the end of the day because the situation looks like the moving sands.