#Syria|Deir Ezzor additional news

#Bugrus_Village: Martyrdom of 3 of the village sons during an I.A air raid on a roadblock near to the village.
Countryside:#ISIS delivers a corpses of six prisoners, died under torture to their ones in Sa’wa, Hawaiej Bumusa’a, Mesrab.
#Bukamal: #ISIS preventing people whom escaped from Iraq of entering Syria and Establishing roadblocks along the way.

#DeirEzzor:#ISIS allows oil merchants to enter regime controlled areas and selling their loads there “Openly”.

#DeirEzzor:An air raids by regime warplanes on Al Taim oilfield surrounding.

#DeirEzzor:Unusual movement this morning by I.A warplanes in city and its countryside, where 4 planes flew in the same time

#DeirEzzor_Countryside: Alliance warplanes attacked this morning Al Ward Oilfield and it’s surrounding by several air raids.

Source: Euphrates Post