#Syria|Aleppo Battle|a short brief

The  iranians militias have launched an attack to recapture both Talat Mu’ta and Mashru’ 1070.

The attack started with an intensive shelling by the iranian militias who began to progress  toward Talat Mu’ta last night, after the rebels’ lines  were weakened due to the intense  shelling, and allowed  them to progress from 2 sides. They have advance to a close front line from alRakhm hilltop. Immediately, rebels realized the danger and reacted swiftly by sending reinforcements who foiled the attack and recaptured the points. The  militias losses during that operation are reported to be important and the majority were Iraqis and Lebanese.  Rebels grabbed spoils mostly individual arms. And now the situation is fine and back to normal.

In Mashru’ 1070, rebels inflicted important casualties among the Assad’s militias and losses in military gears,after the first attempted to storm the town.  But the militias were able to control 4 buildings with the help of the air attacks targeting the individual fighting points and the supply lines with a large number of C5 missiles.

From By Brigadier General Zaher al Saket’s brief in arabic