Opinion: Russia’s Predicament in Aleppo

In the first hours of the launch of the “Great Battle for Aleppo,” the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, issued a surprise position, as he rejected the request of his senior military leaders to resume air raids on Aleppo. And although activists on the ground said that raids by Russian and regime warplanes continued on Aleppo’s districts and its countryside, the Russian announcement poses a number of questions about its timing and reasons.

Some observers believe that the Russian announcement about the halt of Russian raids on Aleppo was a diplomatic maneuver, contradicting the facts. They are completely right in this, however, what is the aim of this maneuver?

Regarding the timing, the announcement came as a surprise, as it coincided with the start of operations for the “Great Battle for Aleppo,” which was announced by rebel groups in the west and south of the city. It also coincided with the tripartite meeting which brought together the foreign ministers of Russia, Iran and the Syrian regime in the Russian capital. The announcement came one day after announcements by the Russian president himself in which he spoke about the failure of his efforts to reach an understanding with the Americans for the cessation of hostile operations in Aleppo, and his emphasis on the continuation of bombardment in the city.

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