#Syria|Widows Struggle to Overcome Poverty and Discrimination via SyriaUntold

(Idlib) Life for Lamya 1 has been difficult. At 22 years old, she is the mother of two and a widow. Due to the harsh circumstances of life, extreme poverty, and a lack of options, she has chosen to get remarried.

The war in Syria, which has gone on for more than five years, has destroyed a number of couples, leaving behind many widows. As a result, many Syrian women have become breadwinners of their families. As breadwinners, they have faced not only job insecurity and instability, but archaic customs and traditions that prevent women from job seeking.

“My world completely changed after my husband was killed in August 2013; he did not leave me any source of income or even a house for us to live in. This left me homeless, going between my parents’ house and his parents’ house for two years,” said Lamya, who for the sake of her children, Raʼd (5) and Muhammad (3), endured harassment from both parties.

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