#Syria|Aleppo Battle|update

Halesh terrorists killed on Talat Ahad in south Aleppo rif,  with ATGM


2 regime officers killed : Brigadier General Hassa Nawaf Sualaiman and General Nasser Kamel Abbud”. Regime has acknolwledged 7 officers  and 127 of its militias killed

Rebels foiled Assad’s militias attempt to progress toward Mu’ata hilltop and destroyed one BMP.

Rebels destroyed a machinegun 23 with landmines on Khanaser-Ehraya road.

Fath Aleppo towed 2 more groups of Halesh and Nujaba (jubana) on Talat Ahad (see videos for 2nd and 3rd gp).

Fath Aleppo towed a regime gunfield 122 in New Aleppo.

cwlbx-nxeaabwefFath Aleppo foiled Assad’s militias to progress on Uweija front.