#Syria|Euphrates Shield 3| 74th day

At least 13 Daesh terrorists have been killed by coalition airstrikes and clashes with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in northern Syria, the Turkish Armed Forces said Saturday.

Aircraft from the U.S.-led anti-Daesh coalition killed eight terrorists in five strikes in northern Syria, the statement said without giving a more precise location. It added that jets also destroyed three defensive emplacements around villages it named as Bolayqah and Ash Shudud.

The raids happened up to 7 a.m. local time (0400GMT) Saturday, the military added.

Fighting between Daesh and the FSA saw five Daesh terrorists killed and six FSA fighters died on Friday, the statement added, again without giving a location.

Source: Anadolu news


FSA freed Shudud from Daesh.