#Syria|7817 of the Assad’s forces are missing

Those figures have been published by Loyalist page “Missing”. They concern the number of Assad’s soldiers missing in Syria. Below figures do not represent the total number which is reported to be higher and are still missing. Their fate is remains unknown so far.  They figures have been collated by former NC president Hadi alBahra.

1165 are missing from Tabaqa airbase in Raqqa.

400 are missing from Liwa 93 in Raqqa.

500 are missing from Liwa 17.

480 are missing in Jisr alShughur.

350 are missing from Abu Zuhur airbase battles.

250 are missing in Tadmur.

150 are missing in Ming.

500 are missing in Khan alAssal.

180 are missing in Tal Sawan.

3842 are missing from “Tawba Jail” according to the face book page of “Missing”.