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FSA Capture a Village in North Aleppo, and Revolutionists Move Forward in Hama Northern Countryside
Martyrs and Wounded in Airstrikes on Idlib and Hama Countrysides
Field Report – LCC
The revolutionists thwarted today Assad’s forces and loyal militant groups attempt to move forward to the axes of Malah and Aweija in North Aleppo. FSA captured in the northern countryside, and the revolutionists liberated a village and two checkpoints in the northern countryside of Hama. Meanwhile, Russian and Assad’s warplanes launched intensive airstrikes on several locations in Syria, leaving martyrs and wounded among civilians.

LCC correspondent in Aleppo said that fierce clashes took place between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces, supported by loyal militant groups, in the front of Malah farmlands, where dozens among the later were killed and wounded, in addition to the destruction of a T62 tank and a 23 mm cannon. They also destroyed a 14.5 mm machinegun for Assad’s forces in the front of Touristic Rawad Suburb in West Aleppo. Fierce clashes broke out between them in the fronts of Project 3000 Apartment and the Military Academy.
9 members among the Palestinian Quds Brigade militants after an indulgery operation by the revolutionists in North Aleppo.
In the context of Operation Euphrates Shield, FSA captured Shadoud village, northwest Bab city in the northern countryside, after fierce clashes with Daesh, which lost over 10 combatants.
The correspondent added that the Russian warplanes carried out intensive parachute missile attacks on the cities and towns of Daret Izza, Attareb, Oubin, Orm Kubra, and Regiment 46 in the western countryside, leaving 3 martyrs at least and dozens of wounded among civilians. Batbo town was targeted with similar attacks. Assad’s warplanes bombarded Project 1070 Apartment, Rashidin neighborhood, and Mansoura town in West Aleppo.

In Idlib, 3 martyrs and some wounded among civilians as a primarily outcome when Assad’s warplanes carried out thermobaric missile attack on Saraqeb city. Wounded among civilians, including two children, were reported in a similar attack on Maziouna village near Abou Zhuhur city in the eastern countryside.

In Hama, the revolutionists claimed capturing Shaliout village in the northern countryside after capturing its checkpoint and fierce clashes with Assad’s forces, destroying a Shilka machinegun, and seizing a Kornet missile launcher. They also claimed capturing Syriatel checkpoint in the northern countryside after fierce clashes with Assad’s forces, who suffered massive losses in members and apparatus.
The revolutionists targeted Assad’s forces strongholds in Souran city in the northern countryside with “Sham” missiles, destroying a Shilka machinegun and killing its crew.
In Return, Assad’s warplanes bombarded the cities of Tibat Imam and Halfaia, Latamnah town, and the villages of Zalaqiat and Zakat in the northern countryside. Assad’s helicopters dropped barrel bombs on Lahaia village in the northern countryside.

LCC correspondent in Damascus Suburbs said that fierce clashes broke out between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces in the outskirts of Khan Shih farmlands, along with missile and artillery shelling on the region. Assad’s helicopters dropped 12 barrel bombs on the outskirts of the camp and the farmlands region in Western Ghouta.
He added that Assad’s warplanes bombarded the road between Douma city and Shifounia town in Eastern Ghouta, along with Russian thermobaric missile attacks on the outskirts of the city and the town, in addition to Rihan town.
[06:13:04 م] Muhannad Fakher Eddin: #Aleppo: Assad’s forces based in Handarat village target #Haian town and the outskirts of #Bianoun in the northern countryside with heavy artillery.