A Cake Under Shelling

It’s 4 pm on a mid-June day in 2013. Al-Qaboun neighbourhood is virtually empty; everyone stayed home after hours of violent shelling, which usually begins early morning, only to partially stop by noon. My friend and I are looking for any shop that would have two packets of baking powder.

“Is it really necessary?” asks my friend, distressed by the distant and close sounds of shelling.

“Yes, we can’t make cake without it.”

My friend continues driving his old car in narrow alleyways which have not been spared the evils of shelling. Rubble from destroyed houses fills the alleyways left and right. The neighbourhood looks lifeless and depressing, and the scorching heat is adding to the suffering of the thousands of its residents. He tries to convince me not to go any further. “I’d rather not reach the main road as we will be open to mortar shells.”

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