#Syria|Example of FSA South Front training session in Jordan

A number of the FSA Southern Front have been reportedly attacked by the Jordanian Security who has beaten them and confiscated their arms and with gas canisters, on Wednesday after they finished their training sessions in Jordan. During the assault, masked men fired live bullets on the trainees but “Abu Sajed alUrduni” stoped him by shoting him in the leg. They left Jordan with no arms no money after the Jordanian Security told them to leave Jordan on Thursday at 3:30 am.  The article mentions they receive later the cheque.

Activists say that the reason of the attack is because the FSA has rejected a jordanian decision to send them to fight Daesh because the area goes through a dangerous road and demanded to fight instead against the regime to revenge the martyrs of alMuhajirun.  FSA organised a peaceful demonstration in the camp to protest

One trainee told activists that the training session was under “Tour of Huran Dignity” under the command of Abu Sajed alUrduni. It began on 1o October with 356 fighters (Shabab Sunna-Liwa alKarama- Firqat alHaq-Firqat 46 infantry-Muhajirin&alAnsar-Firqat Fajr alTawheed-Faluja Huran and Usud alSunna). The aim was to form a “New Syria Army” with the support of the International Coalition, will have a special support  and 500$/month salary and food basket every month and excellent arms. It was a good idea in principle because it aims to unify the FSA. The training ended on 25th October.

When rebels met with the foreigners, the latter denied any IC support or any special one, and living conditions have been tightened inside the camp, forbiding them to leave except to the restaurant. A door has been installed inside the camp and 2 guard rooms  in front and at the rear of the camp. On 27 of last month, a Jordanian cleric called Abu alYaman accompanied by Jordanian intelligence officers, incited to fight Daesh in a way that offended the FSA.

Source: Step Agency