#Syria|Aleppo Battle|Phase 2 – Day 5

Fath Aleppo targted Assad’s convoy at alMallah farms with mortars.


Fath Aleppo targeted a group of Assad’s militias in Jamiyat alZahra with mortars


Regime artillery targets Sayf alDawla neighborhood.

Rebels killed an entire group of Halesh on Tal Ahad in the south rif of Aleppo.

Assad’s militias on Jabal Azzan shelled rebels with heavy artillery on Jabal alMudawra

Rebels target regime artillery in Jamiyat alZahra.

Rebels destroyed a heavy machineguns on New Aleppo front with an ATGM.

Russian MD : 2 russians injured by armed individuals in Aleppo.

Rebels have said they have cut the regime supply road  Khanaser-Ethraya south rif of Aleppo.

khanaser1 khanaser2

Air attacks with cluster bombs on Janiya in West Aleppo.

Russia lying about the truce