“People’s Protection Units” Send Reinforcement to Ain Issa in Preparation for Raqqa Operation via LCCSy

LCC Exclusive

People’s Protection Units (YPG) sent today massive military reinforcement to Ain Issa town in preparation for Raqqa liberation operation from Daesh.
LCC was informed by a local source that YPG sent around 300 combatants, 16 military vehicles, and 8 cannons to Ain Issa town, pointing out that the operation might take place within a week.
Commanders among “Syria Democratic Forces” (SDF), including Colonel Talal Salou, and commanders among YPG, including Haval Salah, met yesterday with leaders of Tal Abyad tribes and discussed the importance of recruiting young men in preparation for the expected operation of Raqqa, according to informed sources.
SDF, which embrace mainly YPG, announced yesterday that they are the only forces participating in liberating Raqqa city, and refused the participation of Turkey.
Meetings were held four days ago between American leaders and others among SDF in Rmeilan Airbase to discuss the military operation of Raqqa.