The military trusteeship of Russia in Aleppo

Did Russia loose its trust in the military capability of the Assad-regime?

The answer to this miserable condition in which the Assad forces are in can be best explained by the recently established Russian Military Operation Room in Aleppo, which is aimed at taking the initiative in the region. Private sources indicated to Aleppo24 that the Room consists of young Russian soldiers with different ranks under whose command the Assad forces and foreign sectarian militias are operating in Aleppo city and its countryside.

This is not a new development as Russia used 80 of its soldiers before, who were led by a major general, to conduct patrols on the Castello Road, under whose command Assad forces, being led by a colonel, were operating. The Russian soldiers are residing in the Military Housing near the Defense factories, according to what private sources indicated to Aleppo24 before.

The reasons behind the establishment of this Room are many, of which the most significant are the disputes between groups of Assad loyalists and members of the Lebanese Hezbollah militia in addition to the continuous Russian airstrikes on the positions of Assad forces in Zahra and the Sulayman Al Halabi neighborhoods of Aleppo, as well as airstrikes against the Iranian revolutionary guards, which Moscow said that it was caused by false coordinates passed on to them by Assad forces.

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