#Syria|Why Abu Ammara, Zenghi and JFS attacked FSA Fastaqem in Aleppo ?

Nureddine Zenghi and JFS and Abu Ammara Brigades has attacked  the FSA Fastaqem Kama Umert offices in Aleppo, yesterday evening on 2/November 2016. This attack resulted in a number of killed and injured in Fastaqem, and the arrest of some commanders and fighters, including Ala’ Saqqar (Abu alHassanein), the General commander of Fastaqem.

Shamiya Front created a task force to break out the fight.

Enab Baladi spoke to Zakariya Malahefji who is  the Chief of Fastaqem Political bureau, who said that Abu Ammara started the attack at night and took over as well the HQ of the group, looting and stealing the contents as the they attempted to take control of the other offices.

The reasons of the fight:

  1. The attempt to assassinate Abu Ammara Brigades’ Commander

Fastaqem political bureau chief explained that Abu Ammara Commander “Muhanna Jafala” (Abu Bakri), asked Fastaqem to hand over one of its fighter  accused of  trying to assassinate him recently. Fastaqem handed him over to Abu Ammara who accused Fastaqem General commander “Abu Saqr Qutayba” of the attempt to assassinate him.

Abu Ammara published a video yesterday showing the accused Esmail Hussein Mujadmi admitting his involvement to assassinate Muhanna Jafala and Umar Salkho Commander of Nureddine alZenghi in Aleppo, and he acted upon Abu Qutayba’s orders.

The video of the testimony :

Fastaqem political bureau chief reacted to that video “why Fastaqem would hand over a criminal if Abu Qutayba  has to do anything with the plot, and why their response consisted to  looting Fastaqem offices…This a criminal behaviour and so heinous.”

He pointed out that the concerned parties have suggested a Sharia commission to look into the issue, and Abu Qutayba agreed but they insisted strongly that this commission should be a JFS commission, which he refused.

Below picture is a supine from the sharia commission to Abu Qutayba

The Sharia court President denied to have issued such a document:

This is the testimony of al Faruq, a commander of Ahrar al Sham  confirming that JFS was insisting JFS commission should look solely into that issue.

He confirmed that Abu Qutayba is encircled now, and Ala Saqqar (Abu alHussein) and a number of commanders are in jail. This operation has been planned by the three,  for some times.

2) A secondary reason

It is believed that this issue has a secondary reason. Fastaqem mentionned in its statement that the General command  arrested of one of the officer for internal reason, while he was with one of Zenghi commander “Abu Bashir Maarat”, which led Zenghi to claim that Fastaqem has arrested Abu Bashir.

This secondary reason sparked a crisis between the factions in Aleppo mostly the three parties (Zenghi, Abu Ammara and JFS), and lead to storm the Fastaqem Headquarters, and requiring that Saqr Abu Qutaiba (currently encircled) to come to JFS court in Aleppo, which Fastaqem has not agreed to.

This infighting is happening amid the battle to break the siege of Aleppo.

Some figures :

Fastaqem fight at 35% of the fronts in Aleppo and fighters have not withdrawn from a single spots. Those who attacked Fastaqem represent only 20%.


The video Second in Command Mulham Akidi explains what happened (ar) no english subtitles