#Syria|Aleppo Battle|Phase 2 – Day 4

The attack on New Aleppo has began with 2 suicide bomb attacks.

Sources from JFS to activists, the suicide bomb attacks targeted the most important Assad’s army HQs inside New Aleppo.

Phase 2 began with a premptive shelling


Pre-emptive shelling on military barracks at the W. Aleppo entrances


Break through of Regime 1st defense line

cwvmepewgaavtwb1st line being infiltrated


Ahrar has announced pre-emptive shelling on Mashru’ 3000 has began

1 regime colonel Mustafa Mahmud killed in New Aleppo.

Fath Aleppo destroyed a machine gun 14.5 in Mashru 3000

Fath Aleppo targeted the Assad’s militias with Grad missiles.

Assad’s militias are fleeing in large number among them the iraki Nujaba (jubana) officers

103 killed in New Aleppo and Menyan – Assad’s operation room moved from Alepp to alWaha in Sfeira.

Group of JAF stormer entered New Aleppo and has captured a group of buildings. Fierce clashes are taking place.


A remoted carbomb explosion in Mashru 3000 (3rd so far for today).

Break through the first regime defense line in Mashru 3000 amid progress of the rebels.
RU AF bombed Mashru 1070-New Aleppo-AlRashidin
Rebels inside Aleppo have blasted a building in Sab’a Bharat with Assad’s militias inside.

Fath Aleppo shelled the regime OR on Jabal Azzan in south of Aleppo countryside, and killed 1 iranian officer

cwv7kfjxgaaeth3RU AF bombed The village of Hur hospital in Aleppo Nth rif.

Reports of a large number of killed among Assad’s militias. JAF and FATH Aleppo did not make any progress. So round 2 tomorrow or maybe later tonight. They freed few buildings in Mashru 3000 and reports that they have withdrawn have been denied.