Ahrar al-Sham: Aleppo battles to continue until siege lift

(Zaman Al Wasl)- As changing distribution of power within the city of Aleppo appeared to have stopped, western and Arab media began speaking about a stop in the Great Epic Battle of Aleppo in conjunction with a Turkish newspaper publishing leaked documents of an American-Russian deal about Aleppo and the Euphrates Shield operation which was launched in September.

Yeni Safak newspaper reported from an undisclosed source about an agreement reached between Turkey and Russia that aims to sabotage American plans in northern Syria according to its description.

Abu Yusef al-Muhajir, Ahrar al-Sham Movement’s military spokesperson clarified for Zaman al-Wasl’s reporter in Aleppo that what the Turkish newspaper published about the Turkish-Russian deal does not affect them since it remains unconfirmed rumors which neither Turkey nor Russia have confirmed. However, al-Muhajir raised the question of what the Russians will take in return for giving up Aleppo in the event the rumors are true.

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