#Syria|Report on Civil Activities (Sept 17-Oct 31, 2016) via SyriaUntold

First Theatre Play in Besieged Eastern Ghutah

A group of young activists came together to create a play that benefited from the contribution of volunteer writers from non-besieged areas, while relying on the amateur acting talents of Eastern Ghutah youths. The play discusses the overwhelming notion of departure, as its actors hope to inspire people to resist the temptation to flee their homeland. The play was staged on the 27th of September in a tour of the various towns of besieged Eastern Ghutah. The young group said that their belief in theatre as the most direct form of communication with the audience has led them to creating this first work.

Doctors Protest PYD Arrests

On the 7th of October, 40 doctors in Qamishli organized a sit-in in front of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) offices, protesting the arrest of three colleagues by PYD forces, under what they called “fake administrative charges”. The PYD official accusation is that they have been using their medical authority to sell fake health reports that allow chronic disease patients to travel to Iraqi Kurdistan for treatment, while border crossings are closed for otherwise healthy people. According to the sit-in participants, PYD supporters attempted to end the sit-in by threatening some of the doctors, and even dangerously driving them off with a van.

Children on Stage

On October 8, the Thiqah (Confidence) Centre for Psychosocial Support held the first children’s theatre festivity and graduation ceremony in as-Swaysah, in the southern al-Qunaytrah province. After 8 months of training, a recreational activity was organized to celebrate the end of the courses for 150 students. The festivity included singing and theatre work created and played by the children, with the purpose of encouraging them to gain more confidence by braving an audience and expressing themselves.

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