#Syria|Fath Aleppo shows pictures proving Assad’s shelling al Rashidin with Chlorine (video)

The full video of the press review and the sound is better :

To the UN and De Mistura: those invidividuals you are worried for, are our children, our wives, our parents, etc. Where you worried about the violations by the iraki militias ? Where you worried about the RU AF bombing hospitals, the humanitarian convoys…

Fath Aleppo commander explains how the regime shells with the chlorine. If it is with artillery, shells are filled in the Military Academy. Chlorine attacks are by helicopters in large containers.

The pictures are those published by Baladi News https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FW_UjPUVI-I

The FSA legal adviser shows pictures showing the regime hiding arms among civilians. This  means that this regime is using civilians as human shield.

They said that the RU AF has not left the airspace despite claims of truce.

Fath Aleppo commander says that only military spots have been shelled, which is mostly the Military academy 1kx1,7km. He says that “we do not shell the civilians. Assad’s does (showing pictures).