#Syria|Euphrates Shield 3|FSA regains the offensive

FSA continued on Wednesday its counter offensive within the Euphrates Shield, toward th villages and positions occupied by Daesh. FSA took  over more  of them after fitgting backed by the Turkish Army artillery shelling against Daesh position, wich resulted in a number of casualties in the organization rank.

FSA commander Saleh Zain said the progress toward Daesh positions is continuing and FSA  has taken over several villages after fierce fighting with Daesh: alGhoz-AlMas’udiya at the south-east of Marea. He added that the fightings are still taking place at the outskirts of the village of Able while Daesh has been attempting to progress toward the strategic hilltop,  that FSA has foiled  after a fierce attack.

FSA regained the offensive after thwarting Daesh attack, and recaptured Nahiyat Akhtarin and all the villages in its coutryside taken over by Daesh.