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FSA Take Over Several Villages in North Aleppo, and Martyrs in Airstrikes
Field Report – LCC

The warplanes launched intensive airstrikes today on several locations in Syria, leaving martyrs and wounded among civilians. FSA factions liberated several locations in the northern countryside of Aleppo as a part of Operation Euphrates Shield. Clashes took place between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces in Damascus Suburbs.

LCC correspondent in Aleppo said that FSA recaptured the villages of Masoudia, Tanouza, Thlathina, and Buraan south of Akhatarin town and Ghoz village east of Marea city in the northern countryside after clashes with Daesh as a part of Operation Euphrates Shield.
He added that 3 martyrs in Taqad town, in addition to 2 martyrs and dozens of wounded among civilians in Orm Kubra town were reported as Russian warplanes launched airstrikes on the western countryside. Wounded among civilians were reported as well in Kafarnaha town in similar airstrikes. The airstrikes targeted also the Hreitan city and Kafarhamra town in the northern countryside, Khan Asal town in the western countryside, and Rashidin region in the city, and no casualties were reported.
Self-Adminstration affiliate Asayish Forces arrested 12 young men in Basouta village for compulsory recruitment.

LCC correspondent in Damascus Suburbs said that the Russian warplanes carried out thermobaric missile attack on Douma city in Eastern Ghouta, leaving two martyrs and some wounded among civilians. Rihan and Shifounia towns were subjected to similar attacks.
He added that Assad’s helicopters dropped 30 barrel bombs, some of them contain Napalm, on Deirkhabia farmlands and Khan Shih in Western Ghouta, along with shelling with artillery and surface-to-surface missiles amid fierce clashes between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces as the later were trying to storm the farmlands and the outskirts of the camp.
Assad’s forces targeted with heavy machineguns and snipers the fronts from the side of the farmlands between Ain Tarma, Jisrin, and Mahmadia in Eastern Ghouta, leaving wounded among civilians. They also targeted Hajar Aswad neighborhood in South Damascus with heavy artillery and medium machineguns.

In Idlib, 4 martyrs and dozens of wounded among civilians were reported as Assad’s warplanes carried out high-explosive missile attacks on the neighborhoods of Saraqeb city and Maarat Masrin city in the northern countryside.
They also carried out cluster missile attack on Mashmashan village in the western countryside, and no casualties were reported.

As for Latakia, Assad’s forces targeted the road of Brigade 10 – Yamidia in Turkmen Mountain with Kornet missiles and mortar shells.

In Raqqa, a child was martyred as Turkish border guards shot her in Nas Tal village upon trying to cross the Turkish borders illegally. A civilian was wounded as Daesh targeted Ain Issa town with locally-made missiles.
Asayish Forces arrested 5 young men in Tal Abyad city at Sikkaria checkpoint for compulsory recruitment. They also transferred civilians from Ras Ain city in Mabrouka town to Hol camp on the Iraqi borders.

In Hasaka, a motorcycle bomb exploded in Tal Nimir town, and no casualties were reported. Fierce clashes took place between so-called Syria Democratic Forces and a group of Daesh as the later were trying to sneak into the southern villages of Shadadi town.

In Daraa to the south, Assad’s forces targeted the outskirts of Tal Jumoua and Tasil town in the western countryside with heavy artillery.