#Syria|Idlib|micro loans help women in Idlib to start small projects

War has not save any city or area without affecting them with its negatives impacts and results besides burdened its citizens with poverty and deprivation from the basic necessities of living in addition to unemployment particularly in liberated areas. This is because regime on purpose and according to a plan targeted service institutions and factories in order to destroy the understructure and not to make use of them ; here work opportunities turn to be few so that only people who have “capital” can start new projects giving them stable source of earn living.
Here the idea of “Small Projects” sparks which were suggested by some relief and humanitarian organizations in Idlib city and its countryside. The goal is offering financial support for the families of martyrs, arrested, orphans and widows in addition to the very poor families which have no breadwinner or supporter aiding them in earning living.

It was set an amount estimated to “400” dollars as a launch for every beneficiary in the project where other amounts can be set in the next phase after the committee of projects carries out detect on the project whether successful and fruitful and needs more financial support, according to an official in the relief organization.

Om-Yazan who is one of the beneficiary in the project, is a widow and a breadwinner of five children. She talked about her small project:” I considered so many projects and my kids suggested some. I decided to open a second-use clothing shop in our neighborhood after my neighbor agreed to hire his shop at small rent till selling increases. So I bought the goods from a store dealing with wholesales. After that I classified the goods according to its quality in order to set the price for every piece counting the profits I will gain

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