#Syria|Daraa rif|FSA promesses revenge after the death of 23

The battle has stopped since yesterday after the killing of FSA fighters by the regime militias in an ambush. During that operation, FSA made important progress but stable on a landmine field with tunnels set by the iranian’s militias, while attempting to storm the Mahjura.23 were killed.

However, the battle will start again as the FSA south front is preparing a large operation and made the promess to revenge the martyrs. The battle will be called  “Revenge for the martyrs”.

Today, FSA shelled Assad’s militias in Kherbet Ghazale;

Yesterday schools were targeted by regime crafts and  today the town was shelled by artillery. The shelling also targeted the eastern side to Dael. It targeted moslty the residential area. Weather did not allow today for air attacks.

There are shortage of basic food and baby milk, with the arrival of displaced from Dael, Ibta and elsewhere.  The farmlands cannot be used due to the regime siege and landmines mostly to the southern area

Source: Jisr TV