#Syria|Aleppo battle|The latest developments

Only few skirmishes here and there on the frontlines. Assad’s militias attempt to advance toward Menyan from New Aleppo. No less than 10 of them have been reported to be killed and some of their bodies have been retrieved by the rebels. Rebels grabbed a BMP and destroyed a T55.

Stillness on the other front lines in Mashru 3000 up to Dahiyat alAssad up to E. Aleppo borders and to W. Aleppo North at alZahra, with sometimes Assad’s forces attempt to progress.

The battle continues and all claims that it has stopped due to outside pressures are dismissed. JAF and FSA have agreed to liberate Aleppo. New military developments are to be expected in the next hours with surprises as carb bombs and stormers are waiting to enter the town. This battle is different from the others in the coast, in Hama and elsewhere. Aleppo to be or not to be. Either the town is liberated or it will fall into regime lap. JAF and FSA have both decided to move foreward to liberate the town.