#Syria|Aleppo Battle|Orient TV reportage from the front line

RU AF bombing the fronts. There injured among the fighters but they don’t mind.

FATH Aleppo operation room commander asks civilians living near military positions to stay away and in safe areas. He also added as soon they enter those areas, buses and safe corridors  will be opened to allow them to leave and reach safer area. The battle will not stop at breaking the siege but with expulsion all the militias from Aleppo.

The second part is about Menyan and the other fronts.

About the losses they are below what they have expected because of the nature of the battle.

The battle of Aleppo : 10 phases

Phase 1 : pre-emptive shelling and breaking through the militias first defense line and encircle the Academy.

Phase 2 will focus on the Military Academy, then the Jamiyat alZahra, then liberate the Mashru’ 3000 that is 1km far from the besieged Aleppo, to liberate the Eastern side of the town.

Breaking the siege is the first goal of the battle before expanding to the other area in West Aleppo. The route that rebels have opened  makes it difficult for the regime to besiege again the town, because of its length.

She confirms that Russian officers have been killed in Nayrab airbase though she adds that those information  belong more to intelligence services. But she says that those services and the operation rooms  have confirmed that a unknown number of  russian officers have been killed.

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