#Syria news brief for 31/10/2016 via LCCSy

The FSA Advances in the North of Aleppo and Losses of Assad’s Forces Reported in Damascus Suburbs

Field Report – LCC

The FSA could liberate a village in the northern suburbs of Aleppo as part of the Euphrates Armor Battle while the revolutionists cost Assad’s forces losses in Damascus Suburbs. However, warplanes launched intensified airstrikes on various areas in Syria, which led to many civilian casualties.
LCC correspondent in Aleppo reported that the FSA announced controlling Billes village south of Ghandoura city in the northern suburbs following fierce clashes with Daesh as part of the Euphrates Armor Battle while the revolutionists seized a T55 tank while they were thwarting an attempt by Assad’s forces to advance at Manian front west of the city
He added that Assad’s helicopters dropped barrel bombs loaded with chlorine on Rashideen neighborhood west of the city, which suffocated several civilians
On the other hand, LCC correspondent in Damascus Suburbs reported that the revolutionists announced killing more than 10 of Assad’s forces while they were trying to advance at two axes on Damascus-Homs International Highway. They could also destroy a BMP vehicle of Assad’s forces at Rihan front in the Eastern Ghouta. He added that civilians, including children, were injured due to aerial and artillery shelling by Assad’s forces on Arbaeen, Saqba, Rihan, Shifounia and Jisrin in the Eastern Ghouta. Moreover, Assad’s forces sniped and shelled with medium machine guns the farms at the surroundings of Jisrin and Mouhammadia towns.
Meanwhile, fierce clashes broke out between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces with light and medium weapons on several fronts in Jobar neighborhood in Damascus amid artillery shelling on it.
In Latakia, Assad’s forces targeted the axis of Kabana and its surroundings in Kurds Mountain in the northern suburbs using rocket launchers and heavy machine guns.
In Idlib, two of the revolutionists were seriously injured due to an explosion of an IED that was set at a car in Areeha city in the southwestern suburbs while Assad’s warplanes launched airstrikes on Skik town in the southern suburbs and no casualties were reported
In Homs, civilians were injured due to Assad’s warplanes airstrikes with thermobaric missiles on the neighborhoods in Zaafarana village in the northern suburbs. Similar airstrikes were reported in Latamna town in the northern suburbs of Hama.
In Daraa to the south, Assad’s warplanes launched airstrikes on Tafas and Dael cities in the western suburbs