#Syria|Aleppo brief

On day 3, rebels foiled Assad’s militias attack on Menyan close to the New Aleppo. They killed a number of the militias and grabbed a T55. They also targeted the militias in Mashru’ 3000 with heavy artillery.

In another context, more than 20 continuous air attacks were carried out at west Aleppo outskirts and the villages and small towns in the west, targeting the village   where 2 civilians have been reported and others have been injured among them children. The regime helicopters dropped TNT barrels with chlorine, which resulted in several cases of suffocation among the civilians.

In the North of the countryside, FSA freed Bils from Daesh, at the south-west of the town of Ghandura after clashes with Daesh.

The legitimate local Council of Menbij which is in exile in Jarablus has created a FSA  Military council for Menbij and countryside.