#Syria|The battle of Aleppo : Suqur alSham Spox “the mistakes of battle 1 will not be repeated”

Mahmud Haj Musa, official Suqur alSham spox told alModon that the rebels have learned from the past miskakes.  They will not let the regime drag them into a war  of attrition and are following the strategy of the large offensive, cleansing all the fortified pockets and the surrounding areas to not let any chance to the sectarian militias to hinder their progress to break the siege and secure the roads for rerlief and humanitarian aids. All factions inside Aleppo, in addtion to those of JAF and others outside of Aleppo are participating to the battle.  and there is a high coordination between them.

“The opposition has gained a large experience  from the recent battle that took place at the Military Schools of Ramussa, and look into its weak and strong points, and those which have been the cause of its retreat and the impossibility to finish stated goals of the battle at that time. The battle of Aleppo is not similar to the battle of Idlib. It demands a plan for the “urban battle” which does not need heavy weapons but mostly patience and the occasion to finish with the regime forces and militias. Since the last battle, preparation, tactics and training the fighters and the newly recruits have not stopped, on street battles and close fight technic with the factions inside Aleppo. He pointed out that  rebels will not let themselves being dragged by the regime into a war of attrition,  their only  option is to move forward in the relentless battle until the flag of the revolution flies high  in Saadallah al Jabiri square and expel the sectarian regime and its allies from all Aleppo, though the first main goal is to break the siege on the East of Aleppo and open the road for relief and humanitarian  NGO to save the civilians from the regime, iranian and russian criminal policies of slow death.”

“What the sectarian militias could expect in the near next days will be confusing and unexpected.”

Source in arabic : alModon