#Syria|PKK/QASAD and Daesh make a deal

PKK/SDF announced to create alBab Military Council and its rif  after benefitting of Manbij experience.

Hours before that announcement, Turkish intelligence sources have revealed the existence an agreement between PKK/QASAD and Daesh against the Euphrates Shield that targets both sides.

Turkey has poured all its weight in North Alepo to cleanse the area from the fight between  both Daehs and PKK,  that always ends with IC bombing and destroying the villages, then  Daesh withdrawal, then PKK/QASAD occupy the villages and  force the population to leave. PKK/QASAD  project aims to create a belt at the border with Turkey, that cut its link with the liberated areas and impose a siege on all Syria to the benefit of Assad regime.

Sources say to Anadolu that both sides made an agreement to face the FSA that is close to alBab. Daesh will renounce to the villages of Kafr Qares, Tal Susyan, Maarat Msilmiye, Infantery School  to the west of al Bab, to the benefit of PKK/QASAD who can get closer to alBab which is strategic to link Afrin in the north west of Aleppo to other areas controlled by the PKK/QASAD in the east and the west of the Euphrates. It will benefit Daesh by expanding the battle front against the FSA.

FSA was able within the two month of  the Eurphrates Shield  battle, to free no less than 1300 km², and today they focus on alBab, and Turkey is threatening the PKK/QASAD in Manbij and Tal Rifaat  to withdraw toward the East of the Euphrates.

Source: Raqqa post in arabic