#Syria|Aleppo Brief- Day 3

At the end of Day 2, rebels freed Menyan they infiltrated the New Aleppo, Mashru’ 3000 and the Military Academy. Rebels injured a number of the participants to a military meeting of Iraki Nujaba and Halesh with regime officers in the Deadman Hotel in Aleppo, with tank shells.Rebels also foiled Assad’s militias attempts to infiltrate  Aziza front line, killing a number of them and taking 2 prisoners.

Rebels progressed despite the intense and violent air attacks on alHamdaniya outskirts and West Aleppo areas. Regime helicopters dropped TNT barrels containing chlorine on alRashidin, alHamdaniya and Khan alAssal, which resulted in civilians having breathing problems. Regime militias also shelled Saif alDawla, alAnsari, Zebdiya, wich resulted in 2 civilians reported killed and 5 others injured in Sayf aLDawla.

In regime controlled Aleppo, Internet is still cut.

Rebels have issued a statement that the following areas are military zones and civilians should stay indoor and stay away from the hot lines :

New Aleppo – Mashru 3000 – Hamdaniya-Sayf alDawla- Amiriya-Hulk- Old city neighborhooods- alHal market.

N.B. The map remain unchanged but rebels have grouned their defense and strenghtened their lines.