#Syria|Aleppo Battle|Day 3 – Update

Rebels have entered New Aleppo.

Rebels also launched an attack on 3000 Flats.

Fights are taking place on 3 axis.

JAF carbomb explosion in the last group of buildings to control in Mashru’ 1070.

JAF targets the Military Academy.

JAF targets the militias fortifications in 3000 flats.

JAF issued a statement to the people of Aleppo west to stay indoor and to E. Aleppo the battle to break the siege is continuing. It declares  the areas where the battle is taking place a military zone and the curfew.

cwaseovw8aa9cfyThe regime helicopter dropped TNT barrels containing chlorine on alRahidin and Khan alAssal and shells alMayasar with and heavy artillery

Progress made inside New Aleppo and Mashru’ 3000

Rebels destroy a regime military convoy at Khanaser-Athraya road heading to Aleppo.
Clashes between the rebels and Assad’s militias inside Mashru’ 3000.
1 Iraki Jubana (Nujaba) taken prisonner at Aziza front by Fath Aleppo.

Fath Aleppo targeted a meeting of Irakis and Halesh and a number of regime commanders in Deadman Hotel with artillery shells


Rebels have recaptured few buildings from foreign Assad’s militais at the north of Menyan nearby the New Aleppo.

Assad’s militias attacks on Menyan has failed and all points recaptured by rebels


Factions in the besieged Aleppo have formed one operation room and will have one commander.
Rebels have destroyed a regime Konkurs launcher at alSalam roundabout in the New Aleppo
Rebels’ snipers shot 2 of the Assad’s militias in Mashru’ 3000.
Rebel stormers have arrived to the regime areas and clashes are taking place now with the iranian militias at the Death (alMawt) rounabou between alHamdaniya and New Aleppo.