#Syria daily news brief for 30/10/2016 via LCCSy

Killed for Assad’s forces in Aleppo City, and Losses in his Military Vehicles in Daraa
Field Report – LCC

The revolutionists claimed today thwarting Assad’s forces and loyal militant groups attempt to move forward to West Aleppo, and claimed killing and injuring dozens among the later. Assad’s forces suffered massive losses in their vehicles in the context of “Thwarting Aggressors” battle in Daraa.

LCC correspondent in Aleppo said that the revolutionists claimed killing and injuring dozens among Assad’s forces and their loyal militant groups in Project 3000 Apartment in West Aleppo as they targeted their gathering with heavy artillery and missile launchers.
He added that the revolutionists targeted Assad’s forces and loyal militant groups based in the Military Academy with missile launchers and heavy artillery.

LCC correspondent in Damascus Suburbs said that fierce clashes between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces in an attempt to storm Mazarea region and Khan Shih Camp in Western Ghouta. Meantime, Assad’s helicopters dropped 18 barrel bombs, coincided with fierce shelling with heavy artillery and surface-to-surface missiles.
He added that Assad’s forces targeted with heavy and medium machineguns the outskirts of Jisrin and Mhamadia towns in Eastern Ghouta, and targeted with mortar shells the outskirts of Hamoria town.

As for Latakia, the revolutionists targeted Assad’s forces gathering in the axis of Saraf in Turkmen Mountain with a TOW missile, killing and injuring some members among them. Assad’s forces targeted with missile launchers the villages on the Turkish borders in Turkmen Mountain, according to LCC correspondent.

In Idlib, Assad’s warplanes carried out thermobaric missile attacks on Tamanaa town in the southern countryside.

In Deir Ezzour, large number of Daesh families arrived in Mayadin city and its surrounding in the eastern countryside, coming from Bab city in Aleppo countryside. The International Coalition warplanes launched airstrikes Daesh locations in Boukamal city in the eastern countryside.

In Hama, Assad’s warplanes launched airstrikes on Tibat Imam city and Latamnah town in the northern countryside.

In Daraa to the south, FSA destroyed two tanks and a Shilka vehicle for Assad’s forces as a part of “Thwarting Aggressors” battle launched yesterday to take over again the abandoned battalion north of Ibtaa town, according to LCC correspondent.
On the other hand, Assad’s warplanes carried out thermobaric and cluster bomb attacks on Ibtaa town and Dael city in the western countryside, amid fierce shelling with artillery shells and missile launchers. The villages of Soura and Alma and the towns of Gharia Gharbia and Sharqia in the eastern countryside were subjected to similar shelling