#Syria|Euphrates Shield 3|67th day update

Turkey hit 50 Daesh and 15 PKK/PYD targets as part of Operation Euphrates Shield in northern Syria, the military said on Saturday.

The Turkish General Staff said in a statement that three Syrian opposition fighters were martyred and four others were wounded during Friday’s clashes.

The army added that since the beginning of the operation in late August, 33 mines and 1,367 handmade explosives had been “neutralized”.

Source: Anadolu

FSA freed two villages from Daesh : Shawi Saghir and Shawi Kabir

Report FSA freed Shudud (not confirmed) and Qa’ar Kalbyn (confirmed) from Daesh


2bcc1d9fef4e4de07bb7851d38da9b96FSA freed the village of Salwa from Daesh, south of Ghandura (On Jarablus side).