Translate Outrage Over Aleppo Into UN General Assembly Action

The United Nations Security Council’s abject failure to address the horrific crimes against civilians in Syria means it is time for the General Assembly to act.

For weeks, doctors, hospital staff, activists, journalists, and photographers in eastern Aleppo have told us that Russian and Syrian aircraft have relentlessly bombarded opposition-controlled parts of the city, indiscriminately targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure. The attacks, using barrel bombs, cluster munitions, and incendiary weapons, have badly damaged or partially destroyed at least five hospitals. According to the UN, the offensive has killed about 320 civilians, including more than 100 children.

This latest barrage began with a deadly attack on a UN aid convoy and a Red Crescent warehouse near Aleppo on September 19. Meanwhile, the Syrian government has unlawfully restricted the delivery of humanitarian aid and blocked civilians trying to flee the fighting. Across the front lines in western Aleppo, civilians have also reportedly come under indiscriminate fire from opposition fighters in the east.

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